Cómo decorar una bufanda con TheMagicTouch OBM 5.4 y MagiCut 123Flex

Here is what you need

• TheMagicTouch OBM5.4 transferpaper
• A CMYK colour laser/LED printer
• A Professional heat press
• A sheet of T.Seal
• MagiCut 123Flex
• A Cutting plotter

Most likely Printer setting

The printer settings may vary depending on the printer brand. The following settings serve as a guideline:
• Paper source: Tray 1.
• Paper weight: Bond.

Prepare printing

• Load OBM5.4 into the selected tray.
• Print your Artwork

Preparing the application process

• Clean the surface of the product.
• Trim the transfer to the final shape and size.
• Lay transfer film face down and strip paper off the film.

Set up the heat press

• Temperature: 120° C / 250° F
• Pressing time: 15 seconds
• Pressure: High

Pressing Process

• Position transfer film face up on the product.
• Cover with T.Seal.
• Start Pressing.


• Open the heat press.
• Remove the T.Seal.

123Flex Processing Specifications

• Heat Transfer Film: MagiCut 123Flex Heat Transfer Film (HTV)
• Temperature: 120° C / 250° F
• Pressure: medium/high
• Pressing Time: 3-5 seconds
• Strip: Warm to cold

Cutting & Weeding

• Cut your design
• Weed the excess transfer film


• Place and align your design.
• Press for 10-15 seconds.


• Open the heat press.
• Let cool down a bit.
• Peel off the liner.

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